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docTrackr Security for Box

Box empowers users to access and share files from anywhere, and provides a secure location to store sensitive business, legal and financial documents. But when files are downloaded from Box by co-workers or collaborators, those documents are no longer secured by Box.

docTrackr integrates with Box to provide last-mile security so that documents taken out of the Box environment still remain protected and under your control. docTrackr’s plugin for Box allows you to apply this powerful encryption, tracking and management to sensitive legal documents, invoices and intellectual property. You can even remotely destroy documents to ensure they are secured.

box integration
Seamless Box Integration

docTrackr was designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with Box. Users can enjoy a one-click installation and the application and doesn’t get in the way of typical workflows. docTrackr transparently protects the Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office documents you already use. docTrackr also secures documents and enforces access rights previously applied in Box, without a lengthy integration. Our document security application for Box is available in the Box app store. Any Box user with install permissions can quickly add the docTrackr application to their account.

Already have a Box account? Get docTrackr for Box today.

secure box folder
Secure Box Folders

Need to collaborate on an important deal with multiple spreadsheets, or sales proposals? With docTrackr for Box, users can secure, track and manage entire Box folders right from their docTrackr account. Any content added to a secured folders is automatically encrypted. With encrypted files, you have full control to disable documents when a deal is done or offers expire. Questions about the integration? Contact us.

Single Sign On With Okta

docTrackr for Box is Single Sign On (SSO) compatible. By integrating with Okta your employees can use their company SSO credentials to access docTrackr secured Box documents. With the SSO capability IT administrators don’t have to manage employee credentials.