Custom Document Security and Tracking: Introducing docTrackr’s API

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Custom Document Security and Tracking: Introducing docTrackr’s API


docTrackr API

In the wake of PRISM, and the shutdown of secure email providers like Lavabit and Silent Circle, our ability to protect sensitive digital information has come into question like never before. There is great concern over our ability to effectively protect data. Individuals and businesses need a tool that can protect their email attachments, financial documents, and sensitive customer information.

That’s where our API comes in. There couldn't be a better time to offer the developer community a powerful weapon in its fight for digital security. Read on to find out how our API can help your company stay secure.

docTrackr’s API allows developers to access our software’s core functionality in their own web applications. Now everyone will have the power to secure documents in the way that suits their company best.

“Check out docTrackr’s API - Document encryption and tracking as a service!”

The docTrackr API in action: secure any document, anywhere. Lets say you provide analytics software. Every month, you email customers and partners with reports, technical documentation, or analysis that your customers pay for.

These documents contain sensitive business information, if forwarded or shared by unwanted parties, it would result in lost business and damage your company. With the docTrackr API, you can apply powerful document encryption to any document. This allows you to ensure only the proper recipients receive your documents.

Here’s what docTrackr’s API can do for you:

The docTrackr API gives you the functionality found in our web application. Building from our API, you can apply unprecedented security and control to your documents.

  • User management

If you are building a custom application where multiple users will need to access docTrackr’s document management tools, our user management functionality will allow you to access the privileges each user has, and that user’s associated documents.   

Enterprise users have access to additional functionality. Our enterprise API, lets you create new document administrators and give them account access rights, so that they can upload and manage documents for themselves. Reach out to us for more information about our enterprise API.  

  • Document management

Protect and manage documents with docTrackr’s document management tools. docTrackr’s API gives you complete control over your documents. Through our API, enterprises have the power to access complete document status and usage histories, upload and secure a document, and monitor document activity.

  • Policy management

Our policy management APIs allows you to specify privileges on documents associated with a particular user, or change permissions from within your application. You can update and delete your document, and change who has access to view, print and edit permissions using these methods.  

  • Event Management 

The docTrackr event management API allows you to access document analytics history for any document that you protected. You can discover the activity that a particular document has had throughout its lifetime. With this functionality, you can monitor document activity by location, user and action taken.

Your imagination is the limit. 

Above we’ve covered the basics of what our API can do. Your ability to secure sensitive data is limited only to your imagination. We’ve given up the keys to our technology and the powerful security features contained within. 

Whatever your specific needs might be, your developers can dream up a security solution to protect your data.

How much does it cost?

Good news: nothing! If you are using docTrackr’s API for personal or non-commercial use, you have  unlimited access to our API, we are even happy to support you in your integration of the API.

If you are integrating, or planning to resell a product that embeds our API, then we would love to speak together! We want our API to be a win win for all developers regardless of resources. Reach out to us for more information. We are a startup, and we are here to help!

Get started with our API!  

Ready to dive in and start building? Get started with the docTrackr API today! Want to try out some of the API functionality, and sample its methods firsthand? Head over to our Interactive API. 

Our team is looking forward hearing from you, and seeing how you will use this technology!

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